Rules OF CBD V7.4!

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    Rules OF CBD V7:
    - Change log V7.4:
    + Update for 05-12-2018
    Credits To: Sir ComboDanc
    - Notice:
    + For Vehicle Speed: you need to change another vehicle to affect speed you choose
    + For aimbot, need to waiting for bone drawing

    - Requirement:
    + .NET Framework 4.5.1:
    + Visual C++ Redistributable Packages:

    If you get Error "Cannot find MSVCP120.dll" then downloadMSVCP120.dll and copy paste it to your C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\SysWow64

    MSVCP120.dll :!c1Y1HAoS!tzWHdOUKoG1QhKuQfDR0HtHvzsMM3dbLo5_wIasFjSg

    - Intruction:
    + Download and unzip
    + Open SetupRos.exe, click Open Ros.exe and find ros.exe in rules of suvival folder and click open
    Download Here : Sendspace :
    DataFile :

    + Click Install Cheat if you want to active cheat, Click Remove Cheat if you want to play normal
    + Open game and play
    + Use Left Mouse for enable hack, Right Mouse for disable. Press Insert for hide/show menu
    + You can drag menu to anywhere you want

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