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The best areas for a soapy massage are conveniently located near the MRT subway lines that run up Ratchada road through to the end of the Huay Kwang district. Even though there are a lot of soapies spread throughout Bangkok, the ones that are near the MRT stations are the easiest ones to get to. Which is extremely helpful if you have a layover in Bangkok. But I recommend going to one if you have a layover in Bangkok of at least 5 hours.

The least is 4 and anything else under that is cutting it close. Which means if you want to catch the last train back to the airport you should at least be on board a train by 11pm. Most establishments open around 12pm, some even earlier. The best time to visit a soapy in Bangkok is around 7pm. Either customers are eating dinner or business people are just finishing up their meetings. Because these establishments are not exclusively visited by foreigners.

Local Thais with a extra spending cash are the bulk of the industries customers. Just look at the cars in the parking lot and it makes sense that not all of them belong to tourists. The best days to visit are on weekends when the most girls show up for work, especially sideline girls who work at night to supplement their salary at a day time job.

I also want to add that once you enter a massage parlor you are not obligated to choose a girl and head off to a room. From my experience, most papasans and mamasans are not pushy sales people. They have enough customers to sustain a decent salary for themselves.

However, it is possible to come across a pushy sales person and if that happens feel free to get up and go check out another establishment. Spending most of your money at a soapy massage is one of the best way to stretch your budget. Because there is no need to pay for a short time room. No need to pay bar fines. No need to pay lady drinks or buy a drink for yourself. Soapies are a really fun experience when the right massage girl is chosen. Exit the station and follow s to MRT Petchburi station. The ride from airport to Makkasan station is about 30 minutes.

The distance from all of the MRT stations near soapy massage parlors are minutes from each other. However, you may get stuck in traffic. Otherwise with no traffic you can get to Huay Kwang in 25 minutes by taxi. This is of course a personal choice. If you have the cash and feel generous, go ahead. If you feel the service was not up to par, then do not feel pressured to tip. Personally, I only tip if the service I received is very good. The minimum I give is THB. Customers are not obligated to choose a girl. Or just check out the street side restaurants for quick cheap eats.

But be prepared to bring a good Thai-English dictionary. Bangkok is a super easy city for finding massage with happy endings. Many of these establishments are conveniently near the MRT subways stations. And all of these massage parlors are in busy areas.

As you can see on the map below, some places are near big shopping centers and a short stroll from hotels. You can also take a taxi. About 5 years back I remember taxis used to get a commission for taking customers to certain establishments. For example, if you want to go to Amsterdam Massage by taxi, just tell the driver you want to go to Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel. If you want to go to Nataree or Emmanuelle , just tell the driver you want to go to Emerald Hotel. Soapies do not charge bar fines. Alaina Massage — New massage parlor. Same owner as Nataree Massage but rooms are in much better condition.

However, Nataree still has the most ladies inside. And as of writing Emmanuelle is undergoing renovation. I will update as soon as possible. Ocean Massage Closed — Large sized soapy. Emmanuelle Massage — Large sized fishbowl with pretty girls. The Lord Massage — Closed New large sized soapy. Nataree — Medium sized soapy but has a lot of sideliners. Posiedon Massage — Large sized soapy with fishbowls girls with prices starting at THB on 2nd floor. Models are on the 3rd floor with prices starting at THB. Most open around 11pm and close 12am.

Fewer ladies during the daytime with more massage girls coming in around 7pm. From my experience you can still find many girls starting around 5pm, particularly at Nataree and Amsterdam. I noticed weekends have the most sideline girls available. Most first time visitors to erotic body on body massage parlors might be shocked that the establishments are huge and look similar to some sort of high classed hotel or casino.

And you can also have dinner inside too as most places have full kitchens and extensive menus of Thai, Chinese and Japanese dishes. Hell, you can even order food up to your room with a lady. However, Nataree has the most sideline girls which means more chances of finding a pretty. Though the bedrooms inside are in dismal condition. All of the establishments have the same setup. There are the fishbowl girls sitting behind a sectioned off room separated by a large panel of glass.

Then there are the sideliners. These girls are sitting right in the open on couches and chairs. And there are many levels of sideliners. To choose a girl you want to take to a room, al a papasan. Every single girl working inside a soapy will have a colored badge with s. Establishments that have Thai models such as in Poseidon can cost as much as THB and up for 60 minutes. Most of the time you have to make an appointment to be with one because they are highly desirable amongst customers.

There are other types and kinds of massage girls who provide different services. Just to simplify everything, fishbowls girls are in a room behind a glass window and sideliners are girls outside of the fishbowl. And most of the prices are dictated by the girls age and looks.

So you will find young, though less attractive girls priced higher than older attractive girls. There are instances when if the girl likes you, you can get 2 shots. The difference is service and looks respectively. Fishbowl girls do a bit of extra more work. Part of the soapy massage experience is a body to body massage. Usually this includes using a floating device in the bathtub with foreplay. And then you will usually get a massage afterwards followed by sex. Now a lot of fishbowl girls have gotten lazier these days. So you speak to the papasan who can in turn relay to the massage girl what you want.

Sideliners are prettier girls and typically younger too. They might give you a body to body massage in the bathtub but in most cases they do not give body massages after the bath. Followed afterwards is foreplay and sex. Some guys prefer sideliners because most of them are younger, prettier and not as rough around the edges, meaning not many of them have been working too long in the sex industry. Most fishbowl ladies have worked longer in the industry. A soapy model is the cream of the crop. And they are very popular. And they are very expensive too. The most you can expect to pay is around THB for 45 minutes.

Any model with that price tag were former Thai Penthouse magazine girls or maybe even a very minor celebrity that was once in a Thai soap opera years ago. These girls are taller and slimmer with the right curves. And because these girls make good money they typically have fake tits and cosmetic surgery. If you like a certain fish bowl girl working at soapy massage in Huay Kwang you can try and ask her out.

Bangkok best massage parlour

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