Bathhouse west hollywood

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Only two of them were actually looking at each other. So begins most bathhouse stories of the time. But not for long. But as the specter of AIDS darkened the mids, the baths came under fire as places where unsafe, multi-partner sex spread the disease. It seemed that the more sexually open the bathhouse was, the more it would be targeted by law enforcement and political officials.

Whether or not the baths were at fault for these crimes, the scene soon shut down, leaving only a few houses remaining in L. The spa was originally opened by Scott Goulet in , when bathhouse culture was booming in the city.

Little did he know that the spa would end up shutting down decades later due to factors as basic as a declining patronage and a rent increase. While a few bathhouses still exist that cater to a Gay clientele — FLEX Spa and North Hollywood Spa to name a few — the fact that the bathhouse has gone the way of the dodo says more about trends in law enforcement and national prudishness than anything else.

When these bathhouses first opened, they had to fight against an openly homophobic government and a culture still viewed gay sex as deviant. September 29, Timothy Michael. Art Division is a community September 28, Timothy Michael. Lauren Meister was sworn in September 15, Timothy Michael. MS, a vicious street gang, continues its stronghold on MacArthur Park making it unsafe for many who visit but specifically September 5, tj mirrormediagroupla.

August 15, Timothy Michael. August 5, Timothy Michael. Resuming Saturday August 7th and continuing every July 26, Timothy Michael. California Gov. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news and events in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas! Before the AIDS epidemic, bathhouses acted as a community center. But with way more sex. By Henry Giardina January 14, Tags: bath house , David Colker , gay , L. Related Posts. Photo: Getty. September 29, Timothy Michael .

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Bathhouse west hollywood

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Hollywood Spa, One of LA’s Oldest Gay Bathhouses, Will Close Soon