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Soybean harvest surpasses a third of the crop. Soybeans close lower Monday, October 4, Markets Analysis. Yield data drives decision-making. Biden's new China trade plan echoes Trump's, but assumes Beijing won't change. Top stories today. USDA puts into action its pledge to expand meat industry capacity. USDA vaccine candidate is effective against African swine fever. Data displayed for corn, soybeans, and wheat is for the nearby crop. Senate approves Stone-Manning as land management chief News Tracy Stone-Manning, a long-time environmentalist, will serve as the first Senate-confirmed director of the Bureau of Land Management in more than four years.

Warm and dry trends continue for the Corn Belt Weather News. September trended warmer and drier than normal for the Corn Belt. The trend will continue during the first week of October, a positive for harvest but a negative for soil moisture. Rural America, mostly white, is becoming more diverse News. The median rural county saw its population of color increase by 3. Embrace input and acre volatility — and manage it Markets Bottom line, events are unfolding and suggesting the year ahead may be anything but normal.

What is Rain? Reveal row cleaner from Precision Planting. up. Markets Newswire Britain's sausage roll is safe, says Greggs boss. New U. China trade plan leaves industry hungry for specifics. China risks slower growth without more market competition - U. All Markets Newswire News. Talk in Marketing All talk.

Big red barn speed dating

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