Cheap homes for rent in orange county

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Since the pandemic, home prices have continued to hit record highs across Southern California. This July in Orange County, the median sales price rose The following cities have the lowest average sales prices across Orange County, making them the cheapest places to live in Orange County. Home prices in any given city depend on tons of factors including square footage,lot size, local school districts, amenities, and more.

The most affordable homes are condos and townhomes which are perfect for first-time homebuyers looking to start building equity and wealth. Calculations of area sale prices are based on single-family homes only, but these cities all have plenty of affordable condos and townhomes to choose from as well. Obviously, the biggest attraction in the city of Anaheim is the Disneyland Resort, but the city has so much more to offer residents — not just tourists.

The diversity and convenience are a great draw for homeowners, with a wide array of real estate to choose from. Besides all the freeways you could ever need, there are tons of places to eat and quite a few local breweries popping up as well. Anaheim real estate is a great investment because, with so many things to do nearby, rental and buyer demand is always high. The city is home to Angel Stadium with several new urban condos and apartments surrounding the area, creating mixed-use streets and new communities.

The real estate agents in our Anaheim Hills office are a great resource if you have any questions about local housing inventory and more. The selection of food has continued to grow in the area in addition to a brand new mall.

Real estate in Buena Park tends to be older, but the city offers a wide variety of single-level properties and great starter homes. The city of Santa Ana continues to grow and change with an eclectic mix of real estate and micro-communities. The city includes several historic neighborhoods like Floral Park, Washington Square and Historic French Park, favored for period homes, spacious lots, tree-lined streets, vintage lampposts, and friendly neighbors.

However, keep in mind that zip code matters when finding the most affordable homes. The Downtown area or the Artists Village is constantly seeing new businesses including the 4th Street Market, escape rooms, sushi, and more. Santa Ana is a great spot for first-time buyers to browse! There are also tons of condos available for sale near South Coast Plaza. Nearby Tustin is another great option as well for homebuyers looking for affordable homes with a charming downtown as well. If you like affordable homes with larger yards, we suggest starting your real estate search in Garden Grove.

A diverse community located next to Westminster, Santa Ana, and Anaheim, Garden Grove is a vibrant and progressive city. This bustling city offers residents employment assistance, educational programs, recreational programs, and family entertainment, as well as the highest of churches and places of worship per capita in California, including the world-famous Crystal Cathedral.

The public schools in La Habra are above average and the city offers a well-rounded program of civic, recreational, social and cultural services to its residents. The community has a family-friendly, rural feel, and even hosts an annual Corn Festival every August. Having won the All-America City Award in , Westminster is admired for its rich heritage and diversity of the population. The city is probably best known for its Little Saigon neighborhood where a large of Vietnamese refugees settled in the s.

Amazing food, cultural events, and strong economic development make Westminster a great place to live in Orange County. Located just inland of Huntington Beach, Westminster is quickly becoming a foodie hot spot with tons of highly new restaurants popping up regularly. The suburban community offers great schools, an abundance of parks, and is a very diverse community. Overall the community has relatively has low unemployment and a high of local amenities and homeownership among residents. Highlighting historical roots, the city was built around Mission San Juan Capistrano.

It is home to the widest variety of homes in Orange County, with upscale and gated communities, working ranches in its foothills, and homes built prior to in its central district, including adobes from the 18th century. The Brea real estate housing market is booming with new developments and the city offers a wide range of cultural services for the growing community, from maintaining parks and planning annual community events, to hosting youth and adult sports, and more. Brea is also proud of its bustling downtown popularly known as Birch Street, a new, village-style promenade with pedestrian-oriented shopping and entertainment.

A quiet small town nestled between Yorba Linda and Fullerton, Placentia is a safe and diverse community. Rich with beautiful suburban homes, good schools, stately churches, and wholesome recreation, Placentia is a great place to call home. Despite the high sales prices, it is a great time to buy a house in Orange County since mortgage rates are still at historic lows according to our Mortgage Watch. The lower your mortgage rate, the lower your monthly payment will be making homeownership more affordable. In fact, low rates make the cost of a home today more affordable than just a few years ago.

Rent prices will continue to rise, but as you purchase a home, your mortgage payment will remain the same. If you can afford it, purchasing a home in Orange County is always a good idea because homes hold their value well and appreciate faster than most of the country. According to Attom Data Solutions , California is one of the highest equity-rich states, with If you need help figuring out how much you can afford, check out a mortgage calculator from our partners at Homeowners First Mortgage.

Home-buying decisions should always be based on what you can afford. There is no crash in sight for the housing market right now. While some are worried about a crash, Southern California is not in another housing bubble that will burst. From SoCal to Silicon Valley, the golden state is home to many great cities. But which are the best of the best right now?

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Cheap homes for rent in orange county

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Cheap Houses and Condos for Sale in Orange County