Come by for a Sacramento California suck and

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Shop is a circular economy, no waste marketplace. Everything is online ready for delivery and available in person with amazing customer service at our retail store and art cafe in Historic Old Sacramento. Shop online from your couch or come play with us at our creative playground. Approved Sellers are sellers who have been given their dashboard credentials and product training. Shop is an online marketplace for Sacramento local creatives that makes it convenient to shop eco-friendly and local, with same-day delivery in Sacramento, plastic-free shipping nationwide, and free pick up from the brick and mortar store in Old Sacramento.

Shop was built and deed to help Sacramento creatives easily access e-commerce resources, to get a competitive leg up with online marketing. The Atrium, through Sacramento. Shop takes care care of the boring, annoying stuff that comes with e-commerce, like setup, marketing, storage, shipping, delivery, customer service, and sales tax so Sacramento Creatives can focus on making really cool stuff. We hope this program assists in increasing the quality and quantity of Sacramento micro-manufacturing, whilst building the foundational system for a circular economic system.

Below is the up form for our waitlist and some FAQs. There is an option to save your progress if you need. Looking forward to learning more about what you make and how we can help you. We take care of customer service, sales, marketing, distribution, and all the things that suck when it comes to e-commerce. We want you to make awesome products and bring it to us so we can make it look good online, get it seen, and sold.

We are a c3 nonprofit, so we are not like any other regular retail or e-commerce site. Our goal is to help build our Sacramento creative economy and the future circular economy. There is no platform fee. We have received an overwhelming response to this program, and we are working on securing additional funding to enable us to expand our team so we can get through our waitlist a lot faster. Bare with us we are working diligently around the clock, to make this program accessible for our eco-friendly makers, artists, and creatives.

Contact Information. Up Kindness, Inc. Tax ID Commonly Asked Questions and the Application are below. Creatives focus on making great products and we take care of the stuff you don't want to. How does it work and what is the cost for selling on the Atrium Marketplace platform?

How did this start? Shop is an online marketplace deed to help our eco-friendly local community and build a future circular economic system. Answering these questions helps us build better systems for our creatives. Please select No Yes. First Name. Last Name. Zip Code.

Yes, I agree. We take our communities privacy seriously and want to ensure you that the data collected below will be held in strict confidentiality and will be used only for the purposes of meeting grant requirements for listing communities served when reporting program outcomes.

The will be reported in aggregate form only, and cannot be identified individually. We appreciate you sharing this information to ensure our programs reflect all communities equally. What is your age? I identify my ethnicity as: please select all that apply Please select Which gender do you currently identify as? Please select all that apply Please select What is the highest degree or level of education you have received?

Do you have a long lasting or chronic condition physical, visual, auditory, cognitive or mental, emotional, or other that substantially limits one or more of your major life activities? No Yes I prefer not to answer. Please provide any additional information you would you like us to know about your chronic condition to help us serve you better in the workplace. Have you served in the military?

How did you hear about the Atrium? Please describe how you heard about the Atrium. What other programs are you interested in? Please describe other programs. How many years have you been an artist? Are you currently represented by a gallery? Please list all galleries you are contracted with. Disclaimer: Some artists may not be selected based on representation or limitations with current contracts in place. Types of Products Please select Other Product Type. Are your items eco-friendly? Please explain how they are eco-friendly.

Please provide 2 examples of your work for review. Image format should be either in jpeg or png only. Example 1. Example 2. Do you currently sell products online? Which Platforms? Other Online Platform s. Please provide a brief bio. I certify that the information submitted in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and further understand that any false statements may result in my applications removal for consideration in this program. I agree Yes. Depending on the size of your attached examples, submitting the form can take up to a minute. Please do not press your browser back button.

NonProfit Up Kindness, Inc.

Come by for a Sacramento California suck and

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