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Craigslist is an American website that is devoted to advertising. It has various sections for various visitors. Some of its sections are housing, jobs, community service, etc. What is now a major advertisement website started as an distribution list in One year after being set up by Craig Newman, it grew to become a web-based system. Although Craigslist started in San Francisco, it is now a major site in lots of cities in the United States. One of these many cities is Cleveland. At the moment, Cleveland is on the list of top 50 cities in the United States with the most Craigslist visits.

Also, Craigslist is now in up to 70 countries of the world. While Craigslist is easily identified with the United States and with the English Language, it also supports other languages. At the initial stages, Craig Newmark was the one in charge of postings.

These postings were basically about social events that software developers had an interest in. After being in operation for a while, there was a rapid increase in the of subscribers. Soon, the mailing list which was basically for event-related postings started being used for other types of postings. People that were trying to recruit technical staff found Craigslist a perfect avenue to get people to fill vacant positions.

As a result of this, the jobs category was created. As the demand for more increased, the list also grew. As craigslist grew, those it was serving began making requests for a web interface. After lots of requests for a web interface from community members, Craigslist went live.

This happened in Craigslist is the 72nd most visited website in the world and the 71st most visited website in the United States. From just the United States, it has over Also, each month there are over 80 million fresh private adverts. This makes it the main private service in any mechanism.

Every month, the job listings that Craigslist receives are up to 2 million. Due to this, it is the one job platform in the world. Furthermore, there are millions of listing on the housing section in Craigslist on a monthly basis. As it stands, there is no certainty about financial and ownership details concerning Craigslist. This is because the firm does not put out such information. Various analysts have come up with various figures of the annual revenue of this firm. While Craigslist has a non-commercial policy and makes its money from in chosen cities in the United States. As of , it was believed that Newmark, eBay, and Buckmaster were the board members in Craigslist.

Of these three board members, Newmark had the biggest stake. Although Craigslist started as an list and went on to become a forum for people looking to fill up technical positions, it has changed a lot. Over time, Craigslist has become a site for people that are looking to get personal. It is a major site for people that are looking to hookup. This is made possible because of the availability of the personals section of this site. While Craigslist is used by various people for personal purposes, it is especially used by lesbians, as well as gay men.

The reason for this is Craigslist has an open and free identity. Also, in more conservative environments, it might a little more difficult for gay men and lesbians to get partners. The craze for men seeking other men on craigslist is known to be a leading means through which syphilis is spread. While the personal section of Craigslist was one of the sections with the biggest buzz, it was stopped in Craigslist once made its site open to all types of people and included in these people were lovers of adult content.

Prior to the shutdown of the section for adults content, Craigslist made allowances for individuals interested in adult content. This, however, ended in The plans to close the erotic service section of Craigslist were made public in According to Craigslist, this section was to be replaced by the adult services section. Some months after closing the erotic service section of this site, Craigslist went on to close the adult service section which replaced the erotic service section in the United States.

While the adult service section was closed in the United States in , in other parts of the world, it was still accessible. To ensure that all types of posts that are deemed illegal and inappropriate for the Craigslist website are not put up. Craigslist has come up with a flagging system. Apart from the employees of craigslist playing a role in identifying inappropriate posts and expressions, users of Craigslist are given the authority to flag any posts that are believed to be inappropriate.

The amazing thing about the flagging system and why it is very effective is it can be executed by virtually anyone. You do not need to be logged in or have an on craigslist to be able to flag a post that is a violation of regulations. Once a post gets flagged, it does not get removed immediately. It is only removed after it has been flagged by a certain of people. While this has gone a long way to ensure that only posts that actually should be removed are taken down, apart from the Craigslist workforce being aware of the of flags that are needed for a post to be taken down, the members of the public cannot tell what amount of flags a post needs before it is taken down.

Craigslist is a very successful site. And like other successful sites, it is not free from criticisms. In , Craigslist was criticized by the San Francisco Chronicle for letting dog breeders put up . Stating that allowing dog breeders to put up could lead to the excessive breeding of Pitbulls in the area. Furthermore, in , an editorial was published by the San Francisco Bay Guardian. This editorial claimed the presence and activities of Craigslist was a threat to the success of local newspapers.

Also, L. Gordon Crovitz criticized Craigslist of making use of lawsuits in preventing people from taking actions that they took with newspapers. He claimed this action by Craigslist was contrary to its claims of being on a public service mission and non-commercial. Gordon Crovitz put up this article on behalf of The Wall Street Journal in response to lawsuits put up by Craigslist which discouraged competition.

One of these lawsuits was a lawsuit against a young Swedish website known as Jameslist. This lawsuit was put up by Craigslist on the 11th of July, Due to this lawsuit, Jameslist had to change its name to JamesEdition if it was going to go on with operations. Craigslist dragged PadMapper and 3Taps to court. This action brought about a lot of criticisms because the service that was being offered by PadMapper was not to the detriment of Craigslist. The Craigslist foundation was set up by Craigslist in This foundation is a non-profit organization that was set up to make online resource and free events accessible in a bid to support community buildings at various levels.

The Craigslist foundation gets some funding from Craigslist. However, in addition to the funding that it gets from Craigslist, it gets some funding from donations. Although the Craigslist foundation began existing in , it had to wait till before it started hosting Boot Camps. Since the Craigslist Foundation began hosting Boot Camps, it has had up to eight annual conferences. In addition to all the events that this foundation has hosted, it has also sponsored other events organized by different groups. Our Good Work is an organization that is in charge of AllforGood.

You can put up a post on Craigslist Cleveland without having an . To post on Craigslist, simply visit your home. Once this is done, chose the city you are resident in. If you are resident in Cleveland, you can simply visit Cleveland. Once done, click on the section you want to make a post on.

The next thing to do is paste your post or type it into the space provided. The next thing to be done is to take time to go through your post all over again. Ensure that everything is done right. Once you see this notification, look through your mail for a message from Craigslist. All things being equal, posts on Craigslist are not paid for. There are, however, certain posts that have to be paid for.

Some of them include. This is quite simple. Each type of posts has a lifespan. So, to be aware of how long your posts will stay active before expiring, you simply need to go through a list of the lifespan for various posts. To delete a post made on a certain , the first thing that needs to be done is to visit the home of that . You can also make use of the link that was provided in the you made use of in making a post. There are restrictions to the of times you can make a post. After making a post to a category in a city, you have to wait for 48 hours to elapse before you can make another post.

An example is if you post in the job section in Cleveland. You will not be able to post in the job section in Cleveland until after 48 hours. You may, however, post in other sections in Cleveland. While posting on Craigslist, it is important to note that not all forms of postings are allowed. Certain posts that were allowed in the past are now prohibited and will lead to flagging from other users if put up. Christian is the chief reporter, editor, and webmaster at Cleveland Leader.

Craigs list cle

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