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The game is considered a shortened version and has a few small things from the PC version which was too successful. Although it is only a very small chapter, it is absolutely enough for mobile. The plot spre throughout the game with a series of dialogues alternating with short films and character voices. You will still be a typical Diablo. You get lost in a small village full of zombies and people who have mysterious religions.

It happened in time between Diablo II and Diablo III when angels and devils fought in an endless war to dominate over the mortal realm. Specifically, in this gameplay, the screen is divided into 3 parts: The middle part is the characters along with the movements in the game. On the right are the available skills in which you can choose your own skills and use them. In which, the hit button will have the largest size, around is 4 support skills.

In this area on the right of your screen , random buttons will appear. By touching these, you will collect items or interact with characters to get important hints. The main character will have a basic key attack skill and a variety of other skills will need to be unlocked later. Each skill will require a different time to restore. You just need to touch the skill you want and note that some skills need to be exactly targeted to use. The common point of these special weapons is the ability to extremely damage but it will take a very long time to restore.

Compared to the controversial Alpha test, when officially launched, Diablo Immortal has truly proved its formidable potential among hundreds of current mobile games. PvP mode called Cycle of Strife is really attractive. You will go into a war between the two factions Immortals and the Shadows and will fight seasonally. You can optionally choose solo 1vs1, or 3v3 or any other option on the list to play with other online players.

At the same time, the publisher has strongly developed Multiplayer mode by adding online required areas, dungeons for up to 4 players, guilds, parties and a variety of environments for product exchange. Here you can exchange certain materials, some weapons, and allowable additional items. All of them can be called miniature copies of Diablo on PC with the same quality, graphic style, motion effects, and sound effects. One plus point is that the Top-down view makes you comfortable to freely explore the open world around you.

The landscape in the game is constantly changing. Of course, the feeling of boredom will never exist, even when you are the most connoisseur. Characters and weapons are also constantly changing and upgrading. The enemies in the game transform unpredictably with their distinctive and impressive looks. The game has a lot of interesting sound effects in fiery PvP battles. All of them take you into a mysterious world of angels and devils, which has only been available on PC before. Please download this game via the link below.

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Diablo apk free download

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