How does quikrete work

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Quikrete premixed concrete is just as good, and strong, as traditional concrete you buy from a plant or concrete you mix on site. Premixed bags are very easy to work with because all the ingredients are already put together in the correct ratio for the strength you need.

Bags come in a variety of strengths as high as psi so you can build just about anything with Quikrete right out of the bag. And if you need something special like reinforcements or color, you can add additional ingredients to Quikrete just like you can with traditional concrete.

Quikrete offers a variety of mixes for all sorts of applications. These include traditional mixes in a variety of strengths and attributes like fast setting and crack resistant. They even offer mixes for special applications like building shower pans or countertops. One of the most popular Quikrete mixes we use is the fast setting mix. Quikrete fast setting concrete is just as strong as regular concrete. Concrete gets its strength from a chemical reaction that occurs over time during curing.

If Quikrete premixed fast setting concrete is just as good, and strong, as traditional concrete, why not use it for everything? The biggest difference when comparing Quikrete to regular concrete is price. Quikrete comes premixed and by the bag which is a big convenience. But it falls in the middle in terms or price. The cheapest form of concrete is when you mix it yourself.

The problem is all the extra labor costs money too and you have to figure all the ratios yourself. Especially for a small load. Fast setting Quikrete is even more money than the standard batch because it contains special ingredients. You pay a little more because it sets so fast. If you only need one bag, then the difference may only be a few bucks. But if your mixing bags, that extra cost will add up fast. When you consider whether or not Quikrete is as good as standard concrete, it really depends on what your using it for.

For some projects, buying your concrete from a truck makes more sense. If your pouring a large patio slab, then mixing your own concrete by hand and wheeling it in place takes too long and adds lots of labor to the job. But if your setting a few fence posts, Quikrete fast setting concrete is the way to go. Mainly for smaller jobs or jobs that are time sensitive. In general I try to use a fast setting premix any time it would cost me more in labor to use traditional concrete.

For example, Using fast setting Quikrete to set fence posts can cut my day down to an hour or two. Compare that to the eight hours needed for regular concrete. The extra dollar or two per bag is definitely worth the money because of the time it saves me.

The concrete sets up so fast you may not be able to trowel it smooth fast enough. Some concrete projects are better with a slow setting traditional concrete. Weather is another concern. There are definitely advantages to using a concrete that sets up quicker. Pouring an entire sidewalk is usually done with regular concrete. But we use Quikrete for smaller repair job. Regular concrete is also better in hot weather. Comparing Quikrete to traditional concrete mixes is all about the set times. The only difference is the set up time. In general, Quikrete sets in about minutes. Regular concrete mixes take a few hours.

And both have there pros and cons. Which is better is very situational. I use Quikrete for small jobs that benefit from a fast setting mix. Things like small repair work, deck footings or setting fence posts. I need time to spread and smooth the concrete out. Time to set my stamped forms, spread color, trowel edges, smooth and shape surfaces or create a finish. Concrete with a finished surface takes time to work which means fast setting Quikrete is a bad idea. There are also pros and cons when it comes to using bagged premixes.

For a large job, mixing 80 pound bags adds a lot of labor. Not only in terms of mixing but also lugging those bags around. At that point your better off mixing the concrete yourself or buying a truck load. But for a small to mid sized job, Quikrete bags can be better. Especially if you need the concrete to set up fast. Concrete gets its strength from a chemical reaction between the cement and water. For example, a concrete patio will usually set up and be walked on in a day, but it can take 28 days for the concrete to fully cure and reach maximum strength. This speeds up the reaction, making concrete harden much faster.

However it still take about a month for it to full cure. That means its a chemical reaction which produces heat. This is true for all concrete. You can add ingredients to regular concrete which makes it set up just as fast as Quikrete. Remember, Quikrete and regular concrete are basically the same. Quikrete fast drying concrete is the same as regular concrete in almost every way. This is because they are essentially the same substance. Quikrete is concrete. The only difference is that Quikrete has some additional ingredients and slight different ratios that make it set up faster.

Working with Quikrete is exactly the same as regular concrete. It mixes, pours and trowels exactly the same. The difference only comes in terms of speed. If your used to working with regular concrete, switching to Quikrete will be an adjustment. Footings are a great place to use fast setting Quikrete. If you plan on using fast setting concrete, be ready to move quickly.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. Price The biggest difference when comparing Quikrete to regular concrete is price. Set Times Comparing Quikrete to traditional concrete mixes is all about the set times. Working With Quikrete Quikrete fast drying concrete is the same as regular concrete in almost every way. Related Posts. Decking Used As Siding. Trex Vs Azek. Wood Look Tile Floor Ideas. Address.

How does quikrete work

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