How to stop falling in love with someone

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Medically Reviewed By: Laura Angers. Falling in love is an experience common to all cultures around the world. It is programmed into us to ensure our survival as a species—people everywhere know the feeling. However, when you bounce from one love interest to the next, always looking for romantic love, it becomes next to impossible to form lasting relationships or accomplish any personal goals. Once you get started on that path, it can be hard to slow down and enjoy your life for what it is.

Fortunately, you can learn how to stop falling in love once you do some soul-searching, get support, and put your focus on other things. Find Out The Reason Why. This website is owned and operated by BetterHelp, who receives all fees associated with the platform. Source: pixabay. Do you ever wonder why you keep falling in love repeatedly? Nothing happens without a reason, and there's a reason for this too.

It's often a result of feelings about your parents' marriage. Maybe they had a long healthy marriage that you want to duplicate, or they had a terrible relationship and you want to do better. Of course, there are many other reasons it can happen. Research suggests that it only takes moments to start to like, and possibly, love someone.

So, the process of falling for someone is instantaneous, whether it is something that will last or not. Let's look into how you can tell the difference and modify your behavior. Here is a look at some of the ways you can change what you do, so you will be better able to tell the difference between real love and something else. If you start to have feelings for someone too soon, try to evaluate whether they are right for you.

If you look at the situation objectively, you will probably find that you tend to fall for the same type of person over and over, but it never works out. Maybe you tend to crush on unavailable people. We often get stuck in harmful patterns. Once you are clear about the reasons why a relationship with the wrong person is harmful, it can help you regain control of your emotions.

Like gasoline poured on a flame, time spent with a crush just adds fuel, escalating your feelings until they are beyond your control. Don't feel guilty about turning down plans or cutting intimate conversations short. Remember, no one but you can protect your heart. If you must spend time with a crush, try to invite a group of other friends along so that the two of you won't be alone.

At all costs, avoid stalking potential romantic interests on social media. This pastime may seem harmless, but it's a trap. The more time you spend looking at someone's photos and reading their statuses, the more you feed your fantasy, as well as your despair. If you feel the urge to check up on a crush's Facebook or Instagram, distract yourself by doing an activity you enjoy.

Source: pexels. Yes, usually we tell you to think positive thoughts, and for most issues, that's good advice. But when it comes to avoiding unhealthy attachments, some negative thinking might actually be helpful. When you start fantasizing about someone, squash it by immediately listing any negative or annoying attributes of that person. Maybe they talk too loudly, or their laugh might grate on your nerves. Focusing on the negative qualities of a potential love interest can help you head off any premature romantic attachments.

That heady emotion you feel is easy to mistake for love, but it is more likely to be infatuation. Real love is based on a relationship that two people work on together and build over time, while infatuation is just a temporary feeling, mostly brought on by the complex interplay of chemicals in your brain.

If you are clear on this difference, it can help you avoid rushing into a relationship too quickly by mistaking your passing crush for love. Channel the energy that was going toward falling in and out of love into something productive and purposeful. Set a lofty new career goal and focus on working towards that. Learn a new skill, like playing the guitar or crocheting. Spend more time with friends. Allow these endeavors to distract you from falling in love. Make friends, family, and coworkers aware that you are content with your single status.

This will discourage them from putting you in awkward "fix-up" situations, and also help you hold yourself able. If someone starts to flirt with you, you may want to nip it in the bud by declaring your intention to be single and to focus on yourself. Maybe even make announcements on social media about your contentment with your single status. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they keep falling in love is diving into physical intimacy too early in the relationship. Sleeping together, kissing, or even just holding hands can propel you into the emotion of love before you're ready.

Avoid getting physically intimate with anyone until you're certain that you're ready for love, and that they are too. Falling in love too often can also be an indication of low self-esteem. You become obsessed with finding someone who's loving gestures can make you feel worthwhile. You don't feel like a whole person, so you look for someone else to complete you. To stop your habit of falling in love time and again, you need to develop your self-esteem.

You can build that by listing your admirable qualities, helping others, or accomplishing something impressive. Getting support from family and friends can make you feel more worthwhile. If you talk to a therapist, they should treat you with respect and understanding and remind you of your value. If you haven't developed the skills you need to support yourself and take care of your personal business, you might be looking for someone else to do those things for you.

Instead of relying on someone else to meet your needs, learn how to be more independent. This can take a lot of effort, but it is worth it. Following these steps can give you the space and time to love yourself so that you won't easily fall prey to unhealthy attachments to others. But at the same time, don't close yourself off from love completely.

Falling in love with the right person can be a wonderful experience, which can only be fully received if you love and value yourself first. You will be glad that you took the time and effort to prepare yourself for real love instead of addictive attachment. One thing that can benefit pretty much anyone is working through your problems. All of us have problems in our lives, so if you find yourself constantly thinking about one person, take the time to think about and solve your problems instead.

For instance, if you are hungry, it is more important to cook dinner than think about a crush. Another approach is to allot time to think about the person you like, then move on to other things. Don't spend all day thinking about them. You have other things you need to get done.

This can help you become more productive since you aren't just daydreaming all day. Finally, a new exercise routine or another type of hobby may be just what you need. It will help you stay in shape, and gives your brain time to rest, while you are doing something useful.

Studies have shown that online therapy can help those with issues surrounding relationship dependency and love get to the root of the problem. The report concludes that online therapy is a beneficial method of producing long-term mental health benefits. As mentioned above, online therapy is a useful means of working through emotions related to love and dependency concerns. At BetterHelp, counselors will be able to assist you in confronting your feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, or other problem areas related to your love life.

Outside of sessions, you will be able to message your therapist, who will respond as quickly as possible. Below are some reviews of BetterHelp counselors, from people experiencing similar issues. He listens so well and has such valuable insight on male and female perspectives and issues while also not passing judgment. I have only just begun, but he has already given me so many great takeaways to improve my relationships and situations. I am filled with gratitude, and I would highly recommend him to anyone!! He helped me see how one issue was affecting multiple aspects of my life. He has greatly improve[d] my relationships with the people I'm closest to and even the way I approach work.

I have seen a huge difference in my relationships already, and I have several tools to help me manage the issues I started seeking therapy for. I cannot express how thankful I am to Dr. I Anstadt! Falling in love over and over again may cause you to continue to get hurt. At the same time, there are many ways to change your behavior to protect yourself. Enjoying a fulfilling and lasting relationship is possible, all you need are the right tools. Take the first step today. Search Topics. The information on this is not intended to be a substitution for diagnosis, treatment, or informed professional advice.

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How to stop falling in love with someone

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