How to win the dating war

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I f love is a battlefield, the war is being waged online. Since online dating brings a fair share of complications to the search for love, we asked Mercury readers to submit their weirdest, wildest true stories of their experiences looking for romance on the internet. You can read that winning story at the end of this feature, and more horrifyingly hilarious tales of love—where else? I was 23, a super-hot babe. I seldomly used OkCupid but found a cute guy.

He had spiky brown hair and glasses. He was thin, but kind of built. He came to meet me but lived in Salem. We met up at a cute little English-themed bar in NE Portland you know the one. He was smart and fun. We each had about three drinks over the course of three hours. I had a Scotch egg. He was charming. He invited himself over for a beer, and I wanted a ride home While on my sofa he revealed that he was definitely too tired and tipsy to drive to Salem.

So this man I was young. I was naive. I woke up at 2 or 3 am to find him sleepily taking care of himself. Or to put a finer point on it, he was whacking off next to me. So I stood up, went to the bathroom, and gathered the courage to ask him to please leave. I have three boy roommates.

He looked at me, dejected, and got dressed. Two years later, at a crisp and young 25, I got a random Facebook message request: It was our friend Brian. Lol anyway. I met a cute, sarcastic redhead on Tinder. On our second date, he suggested we watch a movie. When I got to his place, his living room was full of workout equipment and woodworking tools.

Okay, whatever. I was visiting a friend in California and matched with a guy online. It never got to the date stage, but I sure did find our chat entertaining. What do you want out of this? Me: So you get money, travel, and regular sex. And I get yet another person to support, someone to drag along on my adventures, as well as being forced into monogamy with a guy using me for cash and sex?

Sounds amazing. If you want me to be your SoCal boy toy, I can do that. What would make this work for you? Once I start becoming a profitable trader, I do plan on teaching the woman who invests in me as well. I want to share my love and appreciation. I can be your housekeeper when we travel or when you are in SoCal.

Me: Looks like your budding biz is going to need to hire me a local manny. Preferably one that can cook. I am open to visiting you up north for short periods of time. I also plan on using some of my allowance to CrossFit so that I get bigger, stronger, and sexier for you. The last mutually beneficial relationship I was in, the woman loved having me as her eye candy and sex toy.

It was great. Also, how much of an allowance are you thinking? What amount works for you? One night in my mid 20s, I met up with a woman from the internet at my favorite local bar. So there I am, sitting in my underwear with her on my lap, when the door slams open and in storms some guy with a dog on a leash barking its head off and lunging at us. To top it off, there are two women on the other side of the room making out, MDMA all over the table. Finally, the bedroom door opens and they go outside to talk. The ex threw them out the window! I find my pants, one shoe, and my keys in a nearby alley, but my wallet and phone are gone.

At this point, I snap. I put on my pants and one shoe, then I run inside to grab a baseball bat I saw earlier. An elderly man walks up to a bus stop near me, we lock eyes for second, he shakes his head and walks away. I find the lovers fighting in a nearby park.

She runs home, in tears, the second she gets a chance, and he tries to follow her but I quickly step in his way. He walks, at bat-point, to where he threw my wallet and phone. My phone is destroyed, and my wallet is empty. I tell him to empty his pockets, and I take all the cash, calling for a ride to my car from his phone. Driving home, I flagged down a cop so I could report the incident. I should have known better.

But I was new to Portland, single, and eager to meet new people. I would go on dating apps, meet guys, and if they seemed polite after a couple messages, I would meet them in person. The problem was I was too nice and stayed in uncomfortable situations way longer than I should have.

The worst example was my date with Joe. We had only exchanged a few sentences when he suggested we meet at a dive bar. When I arrived, he was at a table with a half dozen of his friends. I was expecting him to be alone, but he motioned for me to sit next to him. I felt I had to pretend to know him in order to make him look good in front of his friends. I should have run—but no, I went with him and his friends to the next bar for karaoke.

When we arrived, he said his passenger door handle was broken on the outside, and he instructed me to close the door with the handle lifted so it would lock. If you can imagine pushing something that suddenly comes to a complete stop, you might be able to imagine how doing this caused my thumb to jerk back and sprain my wrist. I yelped in pain, and Joe ran from the other side of the car, embraced, and then kissed me.

I told him I was fine as my wrist throbbed. I was livid during karaoke, and despite his urging I did not sing. I finally got a ride back to my car where he asked me what I was doing the next night. I told him I was going to a concert with friends, and immediately blocked his .

I partly blame myself for what happened Years later, and I still have to go to physical therapy for my wrist, and I hate him for using that painful situation as an excuse to touch me. While walking past a cluster of protesters upset at Amy Ray and Emily Saliers for performing at the Oregon Zoo, he said he was recently punched in the face on an airplane.

As he was sleeping with the shade down, a hand magically appeared to put the shade up. While settling into a patch of blanket on the lawn, he told me about his bike ride earlier that day, when he chased an Asian man into the parking lot of an Amazon warehouse after the man had cut him off.

How to win the dating war

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How to Win the Dating War