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Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. Hurts awe ;. They have been tdU that Iraq twice refused UN injectors access to a sus- petted nuclear plant near Ba ghdad. 18; Delay in lifting foreign. 21; lex. Acea, the new industry lobby group of 15 European vehicle groups excluding Peugeot of France, has warned Mr Martin Bangemann.

They would then- get free access from or The seven or eight years which remain will not allow us to resolve, without financial assistance, our fundamental problem, which Is that the European car industry suffers from a workforce that is too Old a nd inimfflriHntlv trained. But a greater or. Acea will fay to pro- duce a more detailed report of its needs by September, a senior Commission official said.

But there are no detailed fH sCTfffrioTtq at thi« stage. It is up to the industry to decide how to tflrfcin the challenge," the added. The carmakers are not yet decided on whether they think such assistance should come from the EC budget or from their own g o vernments. Peugeot, which split from other EC carmakers last November because of a row over the extent to which Japa- nese competition should be curbed, pointed out that fewer job losses would be needed if the rest of the industry fol- lowed the tough line of Mr Jac- ques Calvet, its chairman.

Mr Levy raised the problem at a lunch with Mr Bangemann last month, which was also attended by senior executives from Ford of Europe, Fiat and Daimler- Benz. The Renault chairman stressed that the Acea mem- bers were not trying to impede the inevitable arrival of free Japanese competition. SovMs slow withdrawal I The Soviet Union said ii might slowdown the withdrawal of more than , of tts troops f from eastern Germany because ' " it lacks enough housing for returning sokhers.

s AustraBu me d ia probe Australia is to hold an inquiry into the ownership of the coun- try's newspapers and maga- zines to see it competition is being stifled. Ihie Lebanese government said it would send troops to the, ' south of the country despite objections from the PLO and Lebanese gnemQas with bases there. London stocks.

SO;. Plage 23 NOVA Corp of Alberta, Canada has sunk into the red and has warned that it will cat its efivi- dead if plans to s epa ra t a its pj prftnfr a nd rfo»mip«l h mfl - : nesses foil to cometo fruition. The violence erupted In ftHna, ankra south of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, after Serbs tried to taka control over the local police station. Croat nfflfraL. But among western govern- ments, there appears to be growing concern about the pos- sibility of more vtofence.

Mr Hane-Dietrich Genscber, the foreign minister, urged the Yugoslav government to con- sult with the European Com- munity and its other neigh- bours before responding to the two republics' declaration of independence. Ante Markovic Interview on the rote of the federal army, Yugoslavia survey.

The document marks a break with the present pro- gramme, adopted at the 27th party congress in , which is couched in revolutionary language. The draft stresses the need to adopt a social dem- ocratic position, to work within a parliamentary democ- racy and to encourage the development of the market and a mixed economy. It harshly criticises the Stalin period, and character- ises the period between the s and the mids as one of lost opportunities, of social and economic decline and pro- pagandist PlftlWMB.

Hie plan is near completion in the central committee and is expected to be published within weeks. Members of the reform wing of the party believe the docu- ment will split the commu- nists into hardline and social democra tic-oriented factions. The latter could be headed by Mr Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet president and party general secretary, who has over the past two months allied himself to the radicals and democrats.

Mr Gorbachev Is said to have told party hardliners, who have bitterly criticised the draft programme, that It will not incorporate their ideas and that they must choose to support it or leave the party. The formation of at least one new, mass parly, taking in senior Communists, is actively being discussed. Mr Stanislav Shatalin, the fanner economic adviser to the president and author with Mr Grigory Yavlinsky of the day programme for economic reform, said in Washington yesterday that a new demo- cratic party would be announced within days. Market-place politics. Taylor's body was exhumed to test-theories that he was poisoned with arsenic.

Caviar crisis. Floods caoeed by the rising than half Iran's caviar exports. As a market, Lloyd's last reported a loss tor Many of the TTS claims will stem from policies written more than 30 years ago when it was Impossible to imagtng the scale of losses resulting from legal action over asbestosis and pollution.

However, many Names suf- fered much heavier losses as a. But the honeymoon is likely to he short-lived. Pege 4. Mr Filippo Maria Pandotfi, the EC technology commis- sioner, said he hoped the mea- sure could pass the Council of Ministers and the European parliament this year, to take effect next year. He forecast that a parallel memorandum of understand- ing would be ready for ing in early August, binding broadcasters and equipment makers to promote an interme- diary standard, D2-MAC, for use until HD-MAC is widely available. A key feature of the pro- posed directive is that currant users of the Pal standard, such as British Sky Broadcasting BSB , could continue indefi- nitely to broadcast on that standard.

Construction of 36, homes for returning soldiers, financed under DM7. General Matvey Burlakov, commander of the Sonet forces in east Germany, recently wrote to the German government spelling out that tiie troop pullouts might be delayed from next month. His warning follows hard on the heels of Soviet requests for substantially more cash to facilitate the withdrawals. Moscow has put a value of DM20hn on the value of mili- tary assets it will be leaving behind in east Germany - a figure which Bonn rejects as laughably high. Mr Jurgen bfiilanami, the German economics minister, meanwhile, yesterday played down hopes of rapid advance in talks with the Soviet Union about aiding the country's oB and gas industry.

Contacts between German companies and Sovi et organi- sations on improving exploita- tion of energy resources have been continuing for several months. The document, drawn up by a communist party seeking to position itself in a political and economic market place, is nearing the final stages of its preparation. The programme vehemently seeks to con much of the past 73 years of the party's monopoly power to the dust- bin.

It mnf. A lengthy passage is devoted to the crimes of Stalin, mostly aimed at Showing Hurt he and his clique gutted the party of independent existence and set up a dictatorship in its name. It was not able, however, to confront the past decisively until , when Mr Mikhail Gorbachev became its general secretary and perestroika became its watchword.

On the other hand , the draft does not spare the party gen- eral secretary's feelings. In a terse passage, it talks of desta- bilisation of the economy a nd the high degree of its militaris- ation, as well as ecological catastrophe and ethnic strife. For more than fifty years English Estates has been helping the English regions to meet the challenges of economic and social change.

We do this by developing premises and sites which enable businesses to set up and grow where new jobs are needed. But the needs of communities and businesses are constantly changing - and so are we. Advance and bespoke factories remain the core of our development programmes. They have been ed by workshops, warehouses, offices, business parks, managed workspaces, science parks, major urban renewal projects, and t ventures with public and private sector partners.

To find effective responses to changing local needs, we call on the skills and knowledge of our professional teams based in the communities that they serve. They are now planning projects which will ensure that the English regions - and English Estates - are in good shape to take full advantage of the economic upturn. Economic Commission, Mr said that uncer- tainties about the division of responsibilities between Moscow and the republics were still bolding up progress.

Mr MHHwwami said that be hoped for firm news soon on a further DM6bn of orders the Soviet Union has pledged to place with east Goman, enter- prises to ease economi c prob- lems is the eastern part of Ger many. Hr Mollemann said that, total Soviet debt to German creditors now stood at around DM4Qbn - the first time that a minister has given ensodi fig- ure.

However, it says all tins must be subject to social control, and that the world market is oresentlv increasing the van between the ribband the poor. It is even more enthusiastic In its determination to wnhrare democracy plural- ism. Whether tbe party can avoid the fate of other communist parties which have ruled by force and now seek to be elected by choice is a more open question. Mr Yeltsin, addressing Bnudan parliament yesterday Soviet republics voice reservations about draft treaty By John Lloyd in Moscow THE leaders of tbe two largest Soviet republics, Russia and Ukraine, yesterday expressed reservations about the draft nwion treaty, which they and seven other republics initialled earlier this month with Presi- dent Mikhail Gcxbachev.

The draft is now being con- sidered by the parhaments of the republics and Mr Gorba- chev has said he hopes it will be si gned neit month — a date which looks increasingly unre- alistic. Mr Boris Yeltsin told the Russian par liament yesterday, in his first speech since his election as president that five points were still in dispute. These included taxation, the division of powers and the rights of autonomous republics to the treaty, an especially tricky question for Russia, with 16 autonomous republics within its territory. He that in his recent trip to the US, he had accepted that foreign governments would deal with the Soviet Union on strategic questions.

Mr Leonid Kravchuk, presi- dent of the Ukraine, said in an interview In the central daily Trud that the basic problem of the draft treaty was the pro- posed division of powers - between the union and the republics. The draft treaty, which cedes substantial pow- ers to the republics, blurs the nature of these powers by mak- ing them j ointly exercised.

There is union legislation and thereis the legisla ti o n of the republics which create the union. There is no such legislation which was accepted tly by the union aim the republics and there is no mechanism for car- rying it out So we cannot act on Hii« principle. However, both Mr Yeltsin and Mr Kravchuk have com- mitted themselves to ing the treaty once the problems have been Ironed out. In he launched and directed F-Tec, the state controlled group which felled to promote French electronic products In the US. The court partly bia mev this failure oh inadequate invest- ment in F-Tec, bat also points out that the project never bad support of the French electron- ics Industry.

There Is no chance of recovering tbe investment. Most economic forecast- ers expect the jobless' irate in continue to cHmb in tbe second half of tH» -year and, in Ukrainian workers have already shown they are a force to be reckoned with; three months ago striking miners included sovereignty among their demands, though 'work- era, particularly in the east Ukrainian industrial heartland, have traditionally been Indif- ferent to nationalist issues.

The emergence. Committees, as the new group is called, may be a that fie Don Rim basin Donbas; mining and Industrial area Is beginning to stir to the song of Ukrainian nationalism. Until now this has been sounded loudest In the radical western provinces. Independence of the Ukrainian state. Frankfort B ranch. Tel Fax; and at 15 offices throughout England. At toe other end of the scale, only Neat worst performer was British Bail's Intercity service, which brought only 88 per cent of its trains to wttfato five min- utes of the time due, SB's Regional Railways and.

Exceptions are Austria and Switzerland, where freight traf- fic Is being boosted by the growth of operations tin pure corridors. However, ministers from the Western European Union - Britain, France, West Ger- many, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal - can do little more than have a prelimi- nary exchange of views on the eve of a nation European Community summit, at which the creation of a common for- eign and defence policy is high on the agenda.

Until the EC countries, most of whom are also members of foe WEU, have derided among themselves what form to give their enhanced European defence identity, no fundamen- tal decisions can be taken within, the WEU. However, Ur Willem van Eekelen, WEU sec- retary 'general, believes the ministers will be able to take several practical measures in line with his proposals that union should act as a bridge between Urn EC and Nato, There is no question at the moment of goin g as far as the creation of a WEU rapid reac- tion force within Nato, which could be used, if necessary, to deal with crimes outside foe Nato area.

Such a step has been at least partially pre-empted by Nato's own decision to set up such a force - much to the annoyance of Prance, which sees it as enhancing the rote of Nato at the expense of a genuine Euro- pean defence Identity. The ministers will also be - asked to adopt a report drawn up by the secretary-general,. Hun- gary and Poland, A particular aim, according to Mr van Eeke- len. Kohl rules out early move from Bonn to Berlin By Quentin Peat in Bonn THE Bonn government moved yesterday to damp down specu- lation about a rapid transfer of the German government and parliament from Bonn to Ber- lin, wanting that reconstruct tion of the Reichstag building alone would take eight years.

Hard on last week's euphoria which followed toe Bundestag vote to favour of the former capital city, the cabinet Is counting the cost and the prac- tical difficulties of the move, Chancellor Helmut Kohl said the process would take at least 10 to 12 years and warned against unnecessary pressure on the government over the Issue. Mrs Irmgard Adam- Schwaetzer, the minister of public works, told yesterday's cabinet meeting that despite the theoretical availability of former East German govern- ment buildings, the vast major- ity would require almost trial rebuilding and re-equipment, A top-level team, Involving junior ministers from the min- istries of finance, economy, the interior and public works, has been set up to consider all toe practical difficulties.

It is backed by four working groups, including one to con- centrate on the problems in Bonn of abandoned property and likely unemployment. Supporters of the move say that both toe pessimistic time- scale, and the costs, are being exaggerated. However, there is little doubt that most civil ser- vants, used to the relative com- fort and convenience of life on the Rhine, are regarding a transfer to the Spree with trep- idation.

House and apartment rents to Berlin are already up to twice the level in Bonn. Hungary bad been thought to be suffering from the east European-wide reces- sion. Central bank officials print to dec trinity consumption fig- ures for toe first four months which show UB per cent growth despite the annual per cent contraction of steel-making, construction materials and other energy-in- tensive industries. Mr Suranyi also saw positive s on foe current , exchange rates and inflation in He added that the spread between the official and black market rates for the Hungarian forint bad narrowed to almost nothing team 4D per cent The government stood a good chance of bringing down inflation to the year to Decem- ber to below 30 per cent, which, while unsatisfactory, was still the lowest level in eastern Europe.

Ladies seeking nsa Mica Washington 99023

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