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Laid back and open minded. Interested in most anything as long as it doesn??? Also, looking for like minded couples and single females to socialize with and of course play with as well. We are a easy going couple who is laid back with no drama. We may seem shy at first but get along with almost every one.

No drama. We respect others boundaries and want ours respected as well. We enjoy conversation and give as good as we receive. Her personality is shy, sweet, and innocent acting until she gets a few drinks in her then she is her outgoing flirty self :. He is more of a people person right from the start, has a good sense of humor and tends to have a flirty side as well ;. We love to go out dancing, club hopping and like to go to concerts. Interested in attractive normal couples who want to have some fun and spice up there life.

Looking for Single females to hang out with and have no pressure fun. Nothing has to go down for us to hang. We can go clubbing or some other fun events its your call. We are just looking for new friends maybe FWB. We are new to the swing of things. We are a happily married couple who have been together for 6 years. Our sex life is great. We are looking to spice things up and add to what we already have.

In play, we enjoy many things from voyeurism to full swap. She likes to have many hands on her body at once. He enjoys watching while participating. She has limited experience with females, but is open. We are both wild University of Kentucky fans!! Go Big Blue! We belong to BGS in Louisville and enjoy visiting there often. If you see us, don't be shy, come and say hello! Please don't be afraid to message us.

Tell us your fantasies! We enjoy making friends and if you don't try-- you will never know! We respond to all . We will do our best to reply in a timely manner! Please share a face picture; we do. We look forward to hearing from you!! She is 5'4" and around lbs. He is 5'11' and around lbs with the same coloring, not including the grey creeping into his hair. Some even say we look alike- you can decide for yourself. He is laid back and a little shy. She is bouncy and full of energy. A girlie girl.. We are a couple ages 59 and 54, I, the woman am in a wheelchair but that doesn't stop me.

I have been in the lifestyle for a couple of years but haven't done that much because guys are scared of me because I'm in a chair. Guys I'm a woman first and I have all the needs and wants that any other woman has. Him the guy, I'm 54 and kind of a newbie but willing to try anything as long as its not pain. I'm very open minded and love to please. I like to see my lady being pleased by other men, it is a turn on for me to watch and sometimes in.

One more thing, we like parties but can't attend for a few reasons, we don't drive, I'm in a chair and need a van and ramps to get in and out, the house or Apt would have to be without steps and room enough for me to get into. Sorry to say we aren't taking any party invites. Thank you so much for thinking about us. If a few couples would like to get together at our Apt. Can't have many to make much noise, but we want to have some fun too. No institutes or persons may use this profile for any other reason other than Promoting the Lifestyle. Publicizing it is unforgivable!!!! He is the consummate "bad boy" never really grew up, he's the one that likes to walk around, and say look at me, some say its arrogance, but I love my "Confidant man" so you do the math, Just goes to show that when you are a couple, you do whatever you do, we are all different in our own ways, and either nurture the differences or..

She is the polar opposite, outgoing yet reserved and sexy, she will prance around showing off her perfect ASS, yes she makes jeans crawl on her. She will most likely say, yes, I thank goodness all the time, I think I will keep him.. And here is the rest of the story???.

Looking for couples or one special lady ; that don't have thin skin, scared off by a profile This is a couple??? If you have gotten this far in the reading, you are probably saying to yourself, "self" why don??? Well that??? This is not a dating site for singles, therefore, the process is simple, either it??? We are only looking for the married or extremely committed , singles, hooking up with other singles, to give the illusion of a couple, is not what the "lifestyle" is all about! Its better to get to know people in a social setting and not always at a "lifestyle club", get to know us as we are, not as, we think we should be.

Please do not waste your time Or ours. If you are not sure what that means then you are probably not This doesn't mean that we won??? There will be no skin off either one of our asses But if you do, I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised, so just be cordial and all will be well??? That is nothing more than simple electronic mail protocol??? Alternate contact: vr4tt91 gmail. Straight for both, labels are for bottles Inquire within!

Him: See above:. Here we go Not going to discuss how, hot and fit we are, or the fact that we are educated and successful, we are just normal people, that happen to be on this site looking for lasting friendships and not touting who and what we are. Besides if every everyone were as educated and successful as they claim If you are Interested in us, just send a note and we will send a picture or two We are a married couple that is secure in our relationship; we like to do everything together.

Believe that! Seems so difficult to find what you are looking for these days. us, what do you have to loose, if you are sexy you know you will get a response. We are a couple in our early 40s and sexy, she is hot and he is just as attractive. We are a fit couple that enjoys the same from our friends, we don't like to be crass but we are kind of picky. us and we will share a picture or two Home up Contact Terms of Service.

Not looking to replace each other just adding spice to what we already have! We love riding our Harley, camping and boating. And of course beaches anywhere. We are a happily married, fun-loving couple who enjoy living, learning and experiencing life together. We are true romantics and have been have been having lots of fun seeing where our hedonistic tendencies lead us.

You may notice that our profile is brief. That's no accident. There's more to us than can be seen in a couple paragraphs or pictures so let's keep it simple and get to the fun part. We are a MWC looking to find friends as well as sex partners, We love the out doors camping, hiking,fishing,ect. Just a normal guy, looking for someone normal to chat with. Gifted with a witty sense of humor and charm. Nothing wrong with trying to make someone smile in my book. Allergic to all drama. Tired of disappointment. I firmly believe in making friends over enemies.

Friends make the world go round. Met an older guy a few weeks ago at a bar. Went to his place and fucked him. Learned that older is better! Now I want more!!!!! He is tall, athletic, handsome, devilishly funny, a perceptive lover, and capable of most anything. She is a goddess. Tall and beautifully porportioned with ample breasts, a thin waist and lovely legs. Her eyes twinkle, her smile shines and her voice enchants. Not to mention that she is brilliant, witty, and wildly passionate. Oh, and we're both very modest ;. We like to spend time together, and to socialize with friends.

Whether it be at a vineyard concert, a resort, or around the firepit in our backyard, good wine good friends and as our California friends say, "Good Times, good times. He works out twice a week bench press pounds. We've never done drugs and have never had any STD. We are shaven. We have a 6-person hot tub. In over five years, no clothing has been in it. We are very happily married for 18 years now.

We have been in the lifestyle for 9 years. We have loved every minute of it and made some life long friends. We love to socialize. Barb is very out going and loves to flirt and dance, especially with the girls. Wayne is very layed back and loves to watch Barb have fun.

Lexington ky swingers

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