Looking to fix that lonely feeling

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Feeling lonely from time to time is natural and not uncommon. Understanding why you feel this way is a good place to start. In fact, Dr. Leela R. Magavi , psychiatrist and regional medical director for Community Psychiatry in New Port Beach, California, says everyone feels this way sometimes.

The pandemic and need to physically distance have also increased debilitating feelings of loneliness, says Magavi. Though it might be a process, there are ways to stop feeling lonely. You can practice seeing things from a different perspective or associate them with positive emotions. For example, you can treat alone time as an opportunity to grow, reflect, and connect with yourself.

While chronic loneliness can lead to endless rumination, healthy solitude fosters clarity in thinking and can improve cognition. You could, for example, begin practicing yoga, meditation, or tai chi during your time alone. Looking forward to these relaxing activities might make you think about alone time in a positive light.

To combat feelings of loneliness and learn to be happy alone, Magavi suggests partaking in activities focused on self-compassion. Taking care of yourself with patience and compassion might help you strengthen the bond with yourself, which in turn can help you ease the feelings of loneliness. In time, you can learn to accept and embrace your moments of alone time, and use them to engage in self-reflecting and improvement activities. Putting your thoughts and feelings on paper might also help you process them and look at them from a different perspective. Journaling can be a cathartic process.

Friendships motivate people to remain able and present for someone else, in addition to fostering creativity, she added. Reconnecting with people who have been present when you felt productive, happy, or at peace might also help you remember and reconnect with those aspects within yourself. Exercising will increase your endorphins and make you feel better. And doing it in good company can help you foster a sense of well-being that could help you overcome feeling lonely. Respondents to the BBC study also noted that they ed a social club or took up new social activities and past times to help with feelings of loneliness.

Engaging in activities with like-minded people who might have similar interests could help you stop feeling lonely. Pets give you something to consider other than yourself, offer companionship, and dogs, for instance, can get you out and about.

Before you get a pet, though, consider what is needed to take care of them. This includes food, bedding, veterinary visits, and time and effort. If grief and the loss of a loved one add to your feelings of loneliness, reconnecting with their memory might help. You could, for example, do a photo collage with your favorite images or plant a tree in their name so you can visit and eventually rest under it. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help identify your anxiety pattern and reframe your thinking so you can engage in coping behaviors. This is not always the case, though.

Sometimes, just having someone to talk with without apprehension might help you feel better. You can set your own goals for therapy, and it can only be about talking. Feeling lonely is common and even necessary from time to time. It's natural to feel empty or numb from time to time. But what happens when you've been feeling empty for a while now?

The side effects of depression can be physical, emotional, and mental. These can last for a long time, particularly if depression goes untreated. Exploring the five stages of grief could help you understand and put into context your or your loved one's emotions after a ificant loss. Why do I feel lonely? How to stop feeling lonely.

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Looking to fix that lonely feeling

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