Looking to meet someone who loves food

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And supermarket shopping can tell us a lot about a person — and open up the road to more conversation. If you are looking to find your mate in a supermarket, here are seven tips to keep in mind. Certain parts of the supermarket are better than others for starting conversations with strangers. No one wants to have to tell friends they met someone while choosing toilet paper. Simply being open to meeting somebody is a great first step to making it happen. Be approachable — and presentable. Have a positive attitude and smile. One of the main reasons why people have a hard time connecting in real life is because they are obsessed with their cyber social life.

Stop using it as a crutch. It is not a wingman! First, check for wedding bands or other s that this person is single. You can usually pretty easily assess if the person is cooking for one or a family. If they're buying a package of sausages or one steak, the odds are in your favor that they're single. But if they're buying lots of kitchen staples and family packs of meat the chances of their being taken are greater," says Hall.

Making eye contact and smiling is a great start. If you look nervous or uncomfortable you could hurt your chances to connect. And don't wait too long to start talking. If you are standing still in one place watching someone without talking it'll start to feel creepy for them. Start by acknowledging what they are looking at, then ask a question about it.

How are you planning on preparing that broccoli? In broccoli scenario, you're first sharing something about yourself you cook every night , then engaging the person by asking a question. Once contact is established and you've chatted for a few minutes, it's time to take it to the next level and invite them out.

Tell them you enjoyed chatting and set up the next conversation offering your phone , or asking for theirs. Once you've made a connection, who knows where it'll go from there. How great would it be to meet your future mate doing something you were going to have to do anyway?

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Looking to meet someone who loves food

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