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Such are the complaints that I hear endlessly from UK based vaguely self-respecting somethings. But what's it like for men and women around the world, who face a similar dilema? Turns out the international millenials sorry, that word sucks but it's a thing now, isn't it are just as inventive as us. And that pay-per-hour hotels aren't just the preserve of seedy businessmen having lunchtime affairs with their secretaries.

We tracked down some people living abroad to find out how population pressure and changing attitudes are affecting how - and where - they have sex? Someone I met there told me they once saw a couple getting it on in a cemetery. In Argentina, people often live at home until they're married. This fact, combined with a population density more than twice that of London, has created a demand for places outside their homes where couples can go for some quality alone time.

Pay-per-hour hotels known as 'telos' are part of the culture — they 'exist in abundance', according to Jennifer. These hotels are deed with sex in mind — convenient, private places where you can rent a room for a few hours, and escape from the prying eyes of family members. Many places don't even require a face-to-face check in — you can choose a room via a slightly classier version of supermarket self-service machines — so discretion is assured.

So did Jennifer end up going to one? No - 'before I moved to Buenos Aires a friend explained the Telo concept to me and advised me to never let a guy take me there'. Although the large of Telos is great for people needing some quiet, private space for a few hours, it also means that 'guys take girls there for sex and for the most part, that's the only thing they want to do with you. It was hard to find someone who didn't just want sex.

On a visit to China last summer, I spoke to students at a local university about what it's like being a student in our respective countries. The differences were huge; we might complain about accommodation here being cramped, but the standard at Chinese universities is for dormitories of six or more. Add to this the huge population of most Chinese cities Shanghai is, by some measures, the largest city in the world and you find that it is very hard to ever be alone.

China is socially quite conservative, with traditional attitudes towards sex before marriage and unmarried couples living together. Dan Clarke, a Canadian living in China, said that this was changing, with many college-age students having a more liberal attitude towards sex than their elders might like.

Dan and his Chinese wife have used these types of hotels frequently 'My parents in law live right across the street and they will frequently come over, so my wife uses the hotel as a way to get away from them, going back to the whole privacy issue'. According to Dan, before the existence of hour hotels in China 'couples had to resort to going to parks far from home to get some anonymity without actual privacy'. In Singapore, hour hotels do exist — but for some they are still too expensive. There were around 50 tents in the park at any one time, causing a flurry of news articles and faux-concern about the promiscuity of these younger residents.

And the legality was called into question when one couple were reportedly arrested after engaging in amorous activities with the tent door half open. With a population of around 17 million, Delhi is a crowded city. This can be difficult for those in their 20s, who — as in China - are often sexually more liberal than their parents.

These competing needs and desires were brought into play last September, when a sting operation by TV station Zee news revealed that staff on the Delhi metro had been renting out private toilets to young couples for illicit trysts. And this followed a summer in which covertly filmed clips of more than couples engaging in intimate acts on metro trains were turned into porn films. The idea of pay-per-hour hotels is not a very English one; the whole concept of paying by the hour reveals your intentions fairly explicitly, so is perhaps not suited to a nation traditionally quite repressed when it comes to expressing how one feels.

Calling up hotels for this article reduced me to a stuttering, embarrassed mess. And this has caused some hotels to change how they operate. But in , Parisian website Dayuse Hotels launched in London. The site allows you to hire out rooms in nice hotels, for a few hours in the day, at a rate much cheaper than the night price — thus fitting in with the post-recession requirements of many Londoners.

Dan told me that in China whole families will go to a hotel room for a few hours in the summer, just for the relief of an air-conditioning system that works. But privacy does seem to be a big contributing factor. So it seems that there is a market for cheaper, shorter hotel visits; one that reflects the more casual ways that we now date.

Perhaps one of the sacrifices you have to make when living in a big city isn'tt just annoying transport and ridiculous rent — but also having to seek privacy somewhere other than your home. Follow Ruth on Twitter ruthhardy How To. Celebrity News. Grazia Magazine. Prev Next.

Private sex london

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