Relationship and facebook

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in. I recently downloaded all the data Facebook has about me. There were many interesting read: cringeworthy things I found, but one area I was particularly keen to examine is how the data reflects the progression of my relationship with my girlfriend. In true millennial fashion I will be reducing our romance to the sum total of our interactions on social media, nevertheless, it will be interesting to see parallels - both to real life and to our relationship as it appears on other social media.

As with all my blog posts in this series, analysis and visualisations were created using R. Check out my Github for the code used and also an R package to help with analysing your own Facebook data. On Monday 7th December, at exactly pm and 11 seconds, my girlfriend and I became Facebook friends. We had known each other for a few months at this point and were in the same friendship group but had not ly had much interaction.

Three days later, the first message was sent and the rest, as they say, is history…until it gets analysed in a blog post. So let me break it down real quick:. To visualise the s above:. The first graph shows that my use of Facebook has been decreasing over time and that our interactions are fairly evenly split between comments and reactions.

You can see that our messages were mostly in the month and a half leading up to when we officially started dating. A controversial conclusion from this: Messenger is for flirting, Whatsapp is for relationships? The explanation is that in the months leading up to this we were living together and spending most of the day together so the majority of our interactions were face-to-face, whereas when I started my job I was in the office most days and had to travel more so our social media communications increased.

Alternatively, you could imply I was using social media when I should have been working. As well as looking at reactions over time we can break down reactions by type and target. Unsurprisingly, likes are more common than anything else by quite some distance. This graph above is considering all my reactions to every type of content my girlfriend posts on Facebook.

There are some interesting patterns, however, if we consider that as with our real-life relationship our Facebook relationship has not remained the same for the past 5 years. This is reflected by what I was liking. It is a well known fact that 21st-century flirting will often include liking photos on social media. Looking at the first half of would suggest I am also guilty of this. After mid however, all photo reactions come directly after we go on holiday together.

It seems that this is now the only time either of us will post pictures to our Facebook profiles. I hate to bring any more attention to it but there is also yet again a spike in activity after I started my job in late You can also see the aforementioned patterns of decreasing usage, culminating in almost non-existent social media interactions during lockdown First things first, I promise you we do not refer to ourselves in the third person…this is simply showing times when we played a game on Facebook Messenger e.

Respond now! Hilariously, both of us have the same most common word as we did on Whatsapp. It would appear this just adds fuel to that particular fire…. I also hope you can use this to reflect on what your relationships would look like on social media and how this differs to the real world.

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Relationship and facebook

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