Signs that you need to break up with your boyfriend

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A breakup can feel almost like a death. You went into it with such high hopes of where it all would lead … and now you have to accept that maybe this is the end of the road. Also, who really wants to start all over again? Who wants to jump back into the dating waters, get to know someone new, open up, figure out this other person and how well you mesh, meet his family and friends, have him meet your family and friends, and so on.

It just seems so much easier to stay where you are, with someone you already know, notwithstanding how miserable you make one another. And there is a big price to pay for this. You can never recycle wasted time. How many of your years are you willing to squander? There is also a big cost to your self-esteem. Being in a bad relationship can wear away at you and turn you into someone you barely recognize. One of the most important relationship skills is knowing when to walk away. Once upon a time you got along, you were madly in love, you laughed and enjoyed each other.

You know things could be good because they were good. But how long will you hang onto these memories? When do you accept that the shiny past no longer exists and all you have is a gloomy present? Bad relationships have a way of turning us into bad versions of ourselves, into the worst versions of ourselves. This unhappy, uninspired, miserable person is a shadow of your former self. So why do you stay? Because of how much you like him. Or how much you think you like him. A good relationship usually brings out our best.

In the process, we are sometimes forced to confront our worst traits, but overall, we feel seen and heard. We feel loved for who we are and this is invigorating and encourages our true selves to shine. Bad relationships do exactly the opposite. So forget about your feelings for him, ask yourself how you feel about you. In order for a relationship to work, two people need to be committed to making it work. Relationships take work. You feel drained and exhausted like you have nothing left to give.

You know the feeling. Resentment is absolute poison for a relationship. It may creep in slowly over time, but will rapidly multiply and take you both over if left unchecked. A buildup of a resentment is a strong that communication has fully broken down. What stops you from hearing it is a wall of resentment that has built up over time. When arguments arise, which they do with increasing frequency, you fight dirty. Fights are a chance to let all your aggression and resentment run wild and it all comes out.

Instead of trying to reach a resolution, an argument causes further dissolution. As a result, you may keep having the same fights over and over, spinning round and round in this toxic circle. Your close friends and family usually know the truth.

Now the question is how willing are you to listen to what they have to say? I was in a horribly toxic relationship years ago and not one person in my life approved of him. And if anyone says something even slightly negative about your relationship, you get disproportionately defensive. Your relationship feels like a minefield.

A step in the wrong direction and here comes the explosion. So you tiptoe around the house trying not to make a sound. You feel physically ill most of the time. This is one of the most common scenarios. We can keep ourselves shackled to all sorts of horrible situations while clinging to the hope of what could be and this is always, always a huge waste of time. This ties into the point. You need to look at the situation as is , not what it will be as soon as….

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Signs that you need to break up with your boyfriend

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