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Good afternoon, everyone, and thank you for ing us. The contents of this call will be embargoed until p. Eastern Time tonight. Our speaker today is [senior administration official]. Over to you. And thanks, guys, for your patience. This is our first trilateral meeting among the three countries, and we believe that this partnership is increasingly important in a complex environment in the Indo-Pacific going forward. I expect us to talk primarily on issues associated with the maintenance of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. I think the most important reason for this trilateral is it will give Jake and our team the opportunity to review and discuss our policy review on North Korea.

In addition to North Korea, I think we will also discuss other strategic and regional and economic goals. And we will seek to affirm the importance of keeping these sensitive supply chains secure while also working together to uphold upcoming norms and standards discussions. And both Japan and South Korea have been invited to that. Thank you. Q Thank you for doing this call. Two quick questions. You talked about how this is, you know, obviously going to be very focused on North Korea, and you guys are, you know, in the final stages of conducting that policy review.

Is it fair to say that this will be the final meeting with U. And then my second question is just with regard to the Singapore Declaration. Does any of that still stand? Good questions. We believe that this is an iterative process that we will be working constantly as we go forward with both Japan and South Korea on shared goals of denuclearization and reducing tensions and the like across the Korean Peninsula and Asia more directly.

And we, you know, take note of your question generally. The report does go into detail about how we intend to go forward. Q Thanks. Q Thank you for taking my call. I just have a quick question. Is there going to be any kind of t statement or press availability following the meeting tomorrow?

I do not believe there will be a press availability after. And I think it was agreed that we will basically conduct these discussions privately. Q Hello, thank you for taking my call. I have three questions to ask.

And, as for the topic, would the discussion, kind of, take part by a distinguishing topic, such as North Korea, human rights, and denuclearization? So, will we be able to picture the — how the proportion of engagement and pressure will be after this discussion? Let me take the second one first. And I think our intention is to discuss every aspect of North Korea policy — protect — prospective arenas of diplomacy, nonproliferation issues.

We will probably review some of the recent missile provocations that we have seen. So I think our intent is to have a deep review that will inform our process forward with respect to the review more generally. And then, your third question — can you repeat that again? I got the first two. Q Would you be able to picture the proportion of engagement and pressure after this discussion? And so we are very much open and prepared and engaged to take that feedback. And so this is not going to be a one-way conversation.

And again, this is not the end. This is more of a beginning as we go forward. Anything that we do with respect to North Korea, we believe we need to do in partnership and in harmony with Japan and South Korea. Q Hi, thank you for doing this.

So, I have two questions. I mean the vaccine. I think at this juncture, I would view that as premature. Some reports indicate the country is in a state of virtual lockdown. And I think we will want to assess what is the impact that is having on the economy, on the leadership, on its thinking about the outside world.

And that will be important going forward. What was your fir- — I think that was the second question. Can you repeat the first one very quickly? And I apologize — I should be writing these down. And it is an attempt to gather together like-minded states that have an interest in maintaining and supporting a free and open Indo-Pacific. And we would welcome at any point a closer consultation and engagement with South Korean friends in the process.

Thank you, everyone, for ing us today. A friendly reminder that this call was on background, attributed to SAOs, and that the contents are embargoed until p. Thanks, everyone. And have a good evening. We'll be in touch with the latest information on how President Biden and his administration are working for the American people, as well as ways you can get involved and help our country build back better. Toggle High Contrast. Via Teleconference P. Q Of course. Q Thank you. Next Post.

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South Korea guy here looking for good friend

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