South korean women for marriage

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By Beh Lih Yi. The duo have gained celebrity status for their SOLOdarity channel - with some 37, followers in its first year - where they have compared marriage to slavery for women and criticised the tradition of fathers giving away brides as offensive. Both women said their relationships brought them down and they had changed their appearance to please boyfriends - Jung said she even underwent minor plastic surgery.

Marriage and childbirth are increasingly divisive topics in South Korea, where United Nations data shows the average woman has just 1. To reverse this worrying trend, the government has rolled out a slew of costly measures to boost gender equality among its 51 million people, including improving parental leave policies and offering fertility treatment to couples and single women. Single mothers are allowed to register their children using their surname under new measures to reduce the stigma often faced by unmarried women. Jung and Baeck believe marriage entrenches old-fashioned gender roles, with South Korean women spending four times longer on unpaid care - cleaning, cooking and looking after children or elderly parents - than their husbands, according to U.

Single young women are calling for greater equality in the workplace. Like elsewhere in Asia, the pressure to marry someone of the opposite sex to continue the family blood line is strong in South Korea but recent surveys suggest sentiment is changing.

Feminism is also gathering pace in other areas. A growing band of young women have given up makeup and cut their hair short to rebel against long-held ideals of beauty in a country with one of the highest rates of plastic surgery per capita. On the streets of Seoul, men urged South Korean women not to spurn marriage and motherhood, despite the cost of parenting.

The two YouTube stars brushed off such criticism, saying women were just reclaiming control over their lives. Visit news. APAC Updated.

South korean women for marriage

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