Straight women flirting with women

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Mumsnet has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer , and support Mumsnet. There is this woman I have worked with for a while, she is in her mid 30's and has been with her male partner for 17 years and as far as I know she is straight and never had a gay relationship. She is really nice, softly spoken, funny and well liked by most people to the point where she does literally get away with murder in terms of being late etc. Even though she is very quiet she is very flirty, especially towards other women, she is very complimentry of other womens appearance and will enter into a kind of "mock flirtation" with women but the upshot is that she actually makes you feel like you have just been flirted with by a guy you really like, you get a little glow on and its not just me who feels this its pretty much all of us.

One girl, she is younger about 24 says if the flirty woman was a man she would be all over her. Its just a very strange, but very pleasant experiance. Anyone else experianced anything like this? She sounds playful and really lovely to be around. I wish I worked with someone like that but sadly never have. Well in my case she commented on my figure, I'm older in my 40's and petite but busty.

Normally we all sit behind desks but during training we she was standing across from me and said "wow, what a fantastic body you have my name" then she followed it up with a bit of a flirty wink and smile. I went scarlet but felt very flattered. Now we sort of keep that up that she will wink at me and I blush, I really do! I can't explain it really its more how she says it and her manner, how she looks at you. I remember reading about how Bill Clinton makes women feel like they are the only woman in the room and she is a bit like that, except not a man. She just makes you feel noticed and special.

I was thinking of sharing my "flirtatious experiences with women". But y'know, maybe not. What Bitter said. She sounds playful. I am very "flirty". With old people, men, women, attractive people, "unattractive" people. I compliment people a lot. I think some people are afraid of thinking they're "coming onto" someone so don't do this.

Maybe a British thing? She may "flirt" with women more because she isn't as worried about someone taking it the wrong way. I have had some quite harsh responses from men when basically being nice; assuming I fancy them and letting me know they aren't interested nor am I, awkward.

Women do this less. It doesn't occur to them so much. I posted before I read your comment. I wouldn't say that, I don't think. A bit much. I was thinking more "wonderful hair", clever, I love your top, nice eyes or skin or maybe a body compliment but not so overt. I would think it would make some people feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't say that to someone unless I was very familiar with them. Or was in fact trying to "woo" them.

I know what your saying and it would seem a bit much to me too from anyone else but somehow she gets away with it. Similer to how some men get away with being flirty and others just seem sleazy. I should add men adore her and she's pretty, and youthful looking but she isn't beautiful or very well put together, in fact she is a bit scruffy.

We have a pretty mean boss, not based at our office he has an obvious chip on his sholder but he is like a puppy when she is about if he is in. OP, it sounds a little OTT. Is she from a different culture and so can get away with a lot more because people give her the benefit of the doubt? If she's late for work because she's murdering people on her way in, her flirtatious behaviour is the least of your worries. I'm a bit flirty and these days i much prefer 'flirting' with women and older people because its innocent and fun. Its great to be friendly and make people feel good.

I think lots of people do this. One of my something female work colleagues spanked my bum the other day - its just funny. If a man did it i'd be furious and take it up with my boss! I don't think it has anything to do with being sexual and is just a playful approach to life. I've been with DH for 26 years. That makes me monogamous not straight, although I should say I don't flirt with anyone - that would be an embarrassing disaster!

It's never been a skill But anyway - whether it comes from a man or a woman, if it doesn't bother you it's all fine, but if it does make you uncomfortable then they need to tone it down. I'd imagine though it must be a hard thing to bring up. I worked with someone like this OP! It was years ago, i was about She seemed quite old to me, but was probably in her mid 30s. Married with 2 toddlers i recall. She complemented people freely and generously. She told me i was lovely. She was caring and funny too. She walked up behind me at work one day, and to get my attention she ran a finger from the nape of my neck to the base of my spine.

Strangely erotic! So much so i still remember it well enough to recall it here. I have to say this would really freak me out. Its not appropriate at work from a man or a woman. I just want to come in, do my job and go home, not have anyone comment on my body. If you like it, I suppose its up to you, it certainly works for her.

Maybe it's just me but I'm instantly cautious of people who use flattery and compliments in this way. I would find comments about my body way over the line , regardless of gender. But , as you say , she gets away with a lot. I'd frame it as manipulative as opposed to flirty. Maybe it's just me but I'm instantly suspicious of people who use flattery and compliments like this.

Half the time it isn't even personal. But , as you say , she gets away with an awful lot so it's to her advantage. I wouldn't appreciate comments about my body off anyone , regardless of gender , and I'd be more inclined to look at that sort of thing as manipulation as opposed to flirting. Look at the way you are talking about her, now ask yourself why 'flirty people' do it.

It's not so cute when you see it for what it is, it's all about her and her ego. Already have a Mumsnet ? Log in. Talk ยป. Straight woman flirting with women? Add message Report. Add message Report See all. the discussion To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet . Mumsnet Already have a Mumsnet ? Start new thread in this topic Watch this thread Flip this thread Refresh the display. Add a message.

Straight women flirting with women

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Dear Straight Girls, It's Not OK To Flirt With Your Lesbian Best Friend