Tips for dealing with control freaks

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By talking about them together you can come to an amicable solution that makes everyone more productive. Enlist Help if Necessary. If you are unable to reach a compromise with the control freak ask for help from your supervisor or manager. Start by explaining that your intent is not to cause office disharmony, but rather create an environment where everyone can thrive. It could be that management is unaware of the situation and can clear things up by creating better job descriptions. Always be prepared to offer solutions to the problem, letting the boss know you are a team player. With a little effort to understand her motivations, and a concentrated effort to alleviate her insecurities, you can soon have a harmonious office where everyone works well together.

Health Topics. Health Tools. Healthy Living. By Stephanie Tallman Smith. Last Updated: November 15, They are the ones who insist on controlling everything from the temperature on the thermostat to the way you arrange the pencils on your desk. In fact, they probably have a suggestion about just how many pencils you should keep sharpened and how thick the point should be. Some control freaks focus on the work itself, some spend their time dealing with the personalities in the office, and some of the worst cases concentrate on micromanaging every aspect of the workplace environment.

The good news is that most control freaks can be tamed, if you are committed enough to deal with them while you learn their secret. This guide will show you how. Eliminate Turf Wars Many control freaks feel the need to retain control of every aspect of their jobs because they are afraid of losing status. Perhaps they were the only one in the office at one time and were used to doing everything themselves. These types of people have a hard time dealing with change, especially growth and expansion within an organization.

They never needed help before and believe they do not need help now. No matter how competent the new employee is, the control freak will have a difficult time accepting any new ideas. You can eliminate turf wars by fully engaging the control freak in the process of allocating work. Allow her to create projects for herself that will help retain a sense of tenure and if possible, separate her duties from that of other employees. Once she sees that her work is still highly valuable to the organization she will ease off on trying to control everything that other employees are working on.

Stroke the Ego Studies show that most control freaks are insecure. They fight to retain control of situations because they are unsure of themselves otherwise. They do not like to try new things and they desperately fear new situations. By maintaining control of the work environment, something they are most familiar with, they can keep their insecurities in check.

Unfortunately, the methods they use to control things often portray them as domineering and overbearing, characteristics that would undermine their self confidence even further if they took the time to honestly assess their behavior. While the control freak personality may seem to be quite confident, they are in fact very fragile under that assertive shell and long for approval.

Ask for their help with a difficult project before they offer it. Even if you have to make something up, finding something nice to say about their way of doing business will help them relax in the work environment and make it easier to relinquish control of the little things.

They are adamant that they know best and will even go so far as to throw tantrums, albeit silent ones, if they do not get their way. If the issue you are disagreeing over is important to you, you may have to just stand your ground. This will no doubt cause the office friction to escalate, so it is important that you choose your battles wisely.

Decide up front if the issue of how the janitors hang the toilet paper is the hill you want to die on, so to speak. Notice the Little Things Similar to stroking the ego, this is about really paying attention to the needs of your control freak co-worker. Perhaps she is so bossy when it comes to answering the phone because she is worried she will miss an important message from the boss.

Maybe she stresses out over arranging the coffee cups in the break room because she has an unspoken desire to be a first class hostess. Pay attention to her control freak tendencies and reassure her that she is awesome at her job and that the place would not be the same without her. Notice the little things about her behavior and praise her for their underlying qualities. Give a Little Does it really matter if one person in the office thinks they know more than anyone else?

In the grand scheme of things, is this person really all that involved in your day-to-day ability to do your job? If not, perhaps the best way to tame the control freak is to give in to her selfish and immature behavior and move on. Ask Questions Because their method of delivery can often be obnoxious, other people in the office tend to dismiss control freaks as bossy and attempting to control the situation.

In reality, they just want to be part of things and in fact can provide valuable input if people would listen. The next time your control freak co-worker starts bossing you around, ask pointed questions about why they want something done in a particular way. Perhaps she has a phobia about dirt on the bottle and that is why insists it be wiped down before it is installed. These are the types of control issues you should indulge because a they do not hurt anyone else; and b can directly affect her feelings of security in the workplace.

On the other hand, if she is adamant that pencils go on the left side of the desk and pens go on the right, demand an explanation. It could be that in these instances there is no valid reason other than she wants it that way. If it is your desk, that is unacceptable. If it is her desk, of course you should oblige. The point here is that by forcing her to confront her obsessions, you can determine if there is a true control issue going on or something more subtle that has nothing to do with pencils at all.

Enlist Help if Necessary If you are unable to reach a compromise with the control freak ask for help from your supervisor or manager.

Tips for dealing with control freaks

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7 Steps For Taming A Control Freak