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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress.

Learn more. To-day the subject of our de liberations will be, potatoes. Mauy years ago the famous eco nomist, Edwar. The popular mind was startled into a recognition of th e import ance of the subject by Mr. Some folks got mad, but they learned about, beans, just the same. Docs Southwest Louisiana know sweet potatoes? Its people have been -growing them and eating them for a hundred years and the uestion sounds absurd ; but is it f How many in Southwest Louisi ana really know sweet potatoes?

For that reason the farmers must organize themselves into clubs for the more economical buying, cultivation and market ing of their product. It will not do for one grower to plant one kind of seed and another aome other sort, fora carload of potatoes will be a drug on the market, whereas fancy prices wawit the carefully selected, uni-, form lot. The potato w la «y man s crop —in fact the Jl.. Get pure seed, 'bed them out this month and if you want addition al information write to the , Southwest Louisiana Development Bureau, Lafayette, La.

A stubborn, annoying, depress ing cough hang« on, racks the body, weakens the lungs, and often leada tq serious . The first dose of Dr. King's New Discovery gives relief. Henry D. Sanders, of Cavendish, Vi, Was threatened with consumption, after having pneumonia.

He writes: "Dr. King's New Dis. Money back if nst satisfied. Bucklin ft Co. Manager T. Barns, of the Hotel Bentley, hi of the opinion that the much heralded reductions in express rates as a myth. He states that If there are any -re ductions he would like to leo where they are, when he is pay ing today He further states that he is payinp 47 cents for a sixty-pound case of eggs, where he formerly paid 32 cents. He Wante the railroad commission to look into the mat ter.

Out or two appli r. Prie» bottle. Ilend till» cam": "Oentlfiiipu: For four yriirs I waa trou bled with a rough, which gradually he camo worae. I had ululit »went s and pnlns In hit chest 1 waa lowing my ap r etile and had become ko thin and weak could not attend to my household du ties A phtf-' l in pronounced my disease Lung Trout.

Not being aatlslled. I waa examined bv the physicians of the I'oljr ellnlc llospiial. They also confirmed my trouble, and I wan ordered away for treatment. My nephew would not allow nie to go until I bad tried Bckman's AI temtlve. Itefore 1 had taken the medi cine three weeks I had marked relief, nicht sweats ceased, pain lu the breast relieved, cough became loose nnd easy, fever left me.

My henlth became normal. I am In excellent health now. Care Kd. Above abbreviated; more on request. Itronchlnl Asthma. Stubborn Cold» and In upbuilding the system. Contains no narcotic», poisons or hnlilt formlug drugs. For tale by all lending druggist« I'll h rf Co New Iben». The entire community shocked Sunday morning, lesrning of the sudden death, at was on one o'clock during the preceding nif:ht, of Nicholas Muller, scion of Qne of the 0 dest families of jyouisiana, nnd practically a life Jonff rps jdent.

Citv life however and was tl0 j. Severing hi connectin , M witl , , fr. Besides these, Mr. Mul , engaired in several ft, Preceeded to the grave, seven yearg ago, by his wife, Mr. Besides these, two! Oscar Broussard of. Breaux Bridge and Mm. Xt rellerea couching imtnedV I I ately, tu« aoreneaa la the ltlD «i loeaena phlegm a! Own the bronchial tubaa. Salve curse Sarai Bye Salt Eyn. His fun eral from St. Peter's Oatholie church waa attended by hundreds of sorrowing friendp and was an eloquent tribute to the memory of the departed.

The officers and directors of the State National Bank and the member« of tho local Order of Kl 'ks acting as hon orary pall bearers while his brothers and brothers-in-law bore the remains to their last resting place.

Avoid Calomel. Nine time out of ten, when you are 11 or out of sortis, your liver is out of order and getting it in order again will make you feel better. When your liver is sing gish and tropid and you are con stipated and bilious, it is impos sible to feel wtell. There was a time when p, great of people took calomel when so troubled. But this is not true today.

It has become widely known that calomel often has -bad aftereffects and is even dangerous to many. John R. Taylor and Bro. To test Dodson's Liver Tone is a sensible matter because you get your money back i you. Fraternally, H. Try to banish your mind the mis taken idea that good things are away off in otheir locaities. A purely vegetable liver medi cine is Simmons Liver purifier. It is the one liter medicine which energies the liver and brings back its natural function strong and young «gain.

Its action is dif ferent from other medicines. It cleanses the organ of all impuri ties without injury, harmless, but with all speed. Nothing like it. All druggists sefll it for 25c per box, or sent by mail. The monster shell is said to be centuries old and its dimensions being thirty and one j half inches long bv twenty and one-half inches wide. However, camie to pass that a I nited States Government official fell in possession of the huge shell, and when the St.

Louis World's Fair flourished, among the Phil'lipine J s an ] exhibits, the world's Inrpr est oyster shell found its way.

To ltr with playful 21 Brookings South Dakota the post

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