What is donald ducks middle name

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Whenever we think of Disney, the first character that you may think of is Mickey Mouse, but what about our other Disney friend, Donald Duck? Mickey Mouse is always associated with round ears, red shorts, and most importantly, a big old smile. Take away the blue sailor suit and what do you have?

Whenever I think of a Disney character, I always lean toward those happy go lucky characters who seem to always have a smile on their face, skipping through a field of grass and in the end, living a happy ever after life. In the beginning of one of almost every Disney movie in which he is featured, Donald starts off in a very good mood, especially around the Christmas season when he gets his cup of hot chocolate, sits in his comfy chair, and watches movies on his television.

But the minute someone or something rubs him the wrong way, he goes until an all out temper tantrum and puts up his fists as though he is going to fight someone, until someone stops him from doing so. Donald has his faults, just like the rest of us human beings, but the one thing we tend to have a problem doing, is looking past those faults and seeing the good in him.

So what if he has a big temper? He makes up for it in the end anyways. Plus, have you seen that middle name? Perfect characters are boring, in my opinion. I always find the flawed ones vastly more interesting. I was terribly bored during the old happy-go-lucky Disney movies with Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora dancing around being perfect waiting for their equally perfect prince, but absolutely loved Aladan, the chronic liar, Mulan, the scatterbrained misfit, and Jim Hawkins, the juvenile delinquent.

Perfect can never feel real. Donald Duck is actually my favorite Disney character. I always found him really funny and enjoyed his little temper tantrums in all of the cartoons. Donald was always a very comedic character, which is why I was drawn to him. Donald Duck is one of my favorite Disney characters. I never really thought about how he was different than basically every other Disney character. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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What is donald ducks middle name

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