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Then: A new study says men should keep away from career women. And caught on tape—me. She explained it this way. Fawning portraits of the mad killer ran without rebuttal. It was Osama bin Laden who stood up against the biggest enemy in the world, the United States. His image mesmerized her and her husband, Adusattar Dadman ph. There was a fascination, a love. It was very clear, and I felt the same. Osama had a beauty in his face. It is a stunning face. When you hear his voice, it makes you want to stand up right away and leave and him.

But was it news? I think it was a very interesting portrayal of a certain view of bin Laden, mostly prior to Well, that was true in , and it was made public in Is that still the case? They put out videos every day on the Internet. I think, ultimately, some of the big stories here got left by the wayside. Now, you know CNN.

What did she want to do? They interviewed no Arabs or Muslims who are critical of him. They have all these people who knew him in his childhood, who are worshipful. I think the segment you showed with that woman was like a Jimmy Kimmel parody. You have things that—look, let me just give you an example. You have Amanpour saying, It is something of a mystery why this son of a wealthy family was drawn to such rigid religious beliefs.

Yes, and that mystery is not unraveled. They have a friend of his saying, He loved horses a lot, especially the Arabian horses And all over the world, people are wondering where he will strike next. Bin laden himself is already writing the next chapter. He wants his own children to carry on the fight.

Why do you think they were seduced by the legend of a man who killed 3, Americans on September 11? They got interviews that no one had gotten before. They went to locations that no one had gotten before. I learned a lot. The problem is the documentary is woefully incomplete. I mean, you heard no Arab dissent whatsoever! They go through a montage of people discussing bin Laden in neutral terms, and then they say, And we will hear from people who revered him—and revere him. And then they have a couple quotes, and they never go to the part where they say, And here are people who revile him.

This one, I learned a lot from it, but you can see the holes through it like Swiss cheese. Well, maybe not. And later: Paramount dumps Tom Cruise, but now the former top gun is firing back. I mean, talk about an inflammatory article! April, let me start with you. Are men afraid of career women? Do they want to have anything to do with professional career women?

Men are not turned off, Joe, by women that are bright, educated, intelligent, successful. I think men are put off and turned off by the tough exterior that comes with, I think, some of these women with these power jobs. Women can have it all? But Joe, the problem is not women having a career, He problem is when women become as stupid as the men to enjoy the career and prioritize career above the family.

I mean, for thousands of years, wives have waited for their husbands to come home and have said to them, Come on, OK, so you go out and you have this job, but your children need you and this is where you should really invest your creative energy. And men have said, No, no, the home is so boring. And now women are making the exact same mistake, not by having careers but by enjoying them more than their children, by investing more creative and mental energy into their jobs than in their children, into their marriages.

The utter desensualization of the American home, Joe, is catastrophic for America! It is more important than terrorism. It is more important than the economy. We are raising kids who think that romance was invented by Walt Disney. Why are women now going back into the homes? And why are we having people even bring up this question of, Can you be a good mom and a good professional working woman? And all we have here is one white, very well-educated, powerful editor at a national magazine who is completely out of touch with the 80 million moms in America and the 63 million working women.

And there is no study that says what he is alleging. He has picked up little bits here and there from different studies, some of them credible, some of them not, and it does not add up to anything negative about career women. And the truth is, is that 70 percent of moms in America with kids under 18 have to work today.

I believe in women having a career. Women should feel professionally accomplished. But our problem is that women today, just like men before them, find the family boring. Couples have no They have to go out It could be a decade or maybe 15 years or more before she finds that man, and then women are criticized, and heavily criticized, for actually going out there and finding a life for themselves and supporting themselves. And April, you make a great point. So our entire culture has changed a great deal.

Rabbi, thank you for being with us. April and Leslie Morgan Steiner, greatly appreciate you being here also. And coming up next: The Dixie Chicks think they may be an election issue. We start first, Miami, Florida, where an apparently disgruntled adult book store customer took the moral authority into his own hands and tried to burn down the entire store.

The man came out of a video booth and told the clerk he had a guilty conscience. Then he set the place on fire. Take a look. Wendy—not Wendy Hutchens, but clearly a crank phone call. Thanks very much, in any case. Thanks for nothing, buddy! Will the Chicks sway votes? Believe it or not, some people say yes. Sixty-nine percent of Americans say it is unlikely they will ever go to a Tom Cruise movie again.

And it turns out that couch-jumping, Scientology-proselytizing, and Brooke Shields-bashing is risky business. But will Tom Cruise have the last laugh? Merissa, let me start with you. You broke this story by talking to Sumner Redstone. Tell me about it. Cruise because they felt that his recent conduct had dented his bankability as a star. Now, Mr. And in this environment, the industry is facing a very uncertain future. Paramount thought that it was not prudent to renew that deal. MARR: I think it was that his conduct was starting to—they felt his conduct was impacting his movies.

Redstone said he felt that Mr. I know nothing about it. What do you think the future for Tom Cruise is?

Woman want nsa Chilton

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